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Mental Health,
Physical Fitness & Emotional Wellbeing Workshops

For Companies, Schools & Home

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Helping People Enhance Mental Health,
Pyhiscal Fitness & Emotional Wellbeing



or risk of becoming NEET

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Eccles Boxing School &
The Phoenix Commuinity Cafe

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Accredited Eductaion & CPD

Awarding bodies:

Open Awards, MH England & The Skils Network

What We Do


Mental Health Physical Fitness  & Emotional Wellbeing Workshops

Phoenix Mind Body & Soul CIC Offer Workshops that enhance every area of your MIND BODY & SOUL.


to Work

We have a full range of wellness to work resources. Covid has been detrimental to employees mental health and catastrophic for some compainies. Let us help you get your employees back to work feeling mentally well, physically fit & emotionally sound so that performance can be efficient effective once more.


Commuinity Cafe & Wellbeing Event Days

The Phoenix Commuinity Cafe is a safe space where ALL are welcome. An all inclusive place to feel safe. We hold events for the commuinity to come together. Network, Connect and make real long lasting friendships - but more importantly its for YOU


How Does It Work?

At phoenix we work for you to provide a unique bespoke training course tailored for your every need. Our wellbeing workshops have a vareity of accredited mental health & education modules this includes Boxing, MMA, Self- Defence, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, EFT therapy, Hypnosis, Mental Helath First Aid L2, Physical First Aid L2, Reiki and Deep Tissue Sport Massages. 


Our education courses & CPD online courses are all accredited by awarding bodies.

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